Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fighting for Rights

Haymarket Square Massacre

The Haymarket Square Massacre occurred in Chicago Illinois in 1886. It involved workers who wanted to shorten their hours in the work place. Many were working 8 hours a day and they wanted to change that. The workers went on strike and caused a lot of problems, shooting cops, and causing chaos. This made the labor union very upset.

Women's Rights

At one time, women were told what to do in every aspect of their lives. They cooked, cleaned, and cared for their husband and children. In 1920, the 19the Amendment was passed which gave women the right to vote. While this was a big movement in the progress of women's rights, did it really equalize women and men? Does voting make people equal? In a way yes, because it gives everyone the right to put out their own opinion and the chance to affect the governments decision.

I Have A Dream Speech
Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream Speech' is an incredibly influential speech in our history. It gave African Americans hope for the future. There were thousands of people crowded around Washington, black and white, supporting him and the goals of his speech. I think his speech had influenced more than people of his time, but of people today as well. The goals of his speech were to rid the people of racial inequality and discrimination. He was a very powerful speaker.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Observations From Class

1. What is the worth of a human being?

I think that every person in the world is important, and worth is not the right word. I think that what a person does throughout their life can determine their imprint on the human race and earth. I think that people who have contributed to society in a positive way and helped the progress of our society have a greater impact and will be remembered more than someone who doesn't contribute to society in any way. I feel like the people who have helped us evolve in the way of science and the universe have more of a benefit to us than movie stars.
America determines a persons worth by placing people who do notable things on a stand where they can be looked up at as role models. They get media attention for whatever they do, be it good or bad. In America, I feel like a person's worth is based on the amount of media attention they receive, there is a lot of money involved.

2. Ethnic Minority Groups

American Indians, Caucasians, Hispanics, African Americans, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Caribbean, Pakistani

3. Ethnicity Graph