Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

This paper is the foundation of our government and it argues for American Independence. There is a lot of general argument about religion and government but then transform into a more specific argument on the colonial dilemma.

Paine talks about 1. Government (protects us) vs. Society (people coming together). He hypothetically discusses a situation involving a small group of people on an island completely cut off from society and how the group creates laws and such. Represents that people who make the laws will be more likely to abide by them and be much happier if they create them. Representation is the way to go. Paine obviously dislikes the British system because of its complexity and contradictions. He also talks about religion.

I think this is an important document, and it really gave us a lot of help with out government and how it is the way it is today.

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  1. The document helped move us to independence, to actually throwing out the king. BE careful about calling it a foundation of our governement. It is clear that you read the document. Very good job overall. 17/20